GCI PowerTools for Electronic Signatures

Is your organization required to assemble and digitally sign collections of documents in compliance with regulations such as the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11? The need to sign multiple documents within a single OpenText Content Suite workflows is something we commonly hear. GCI PowerTools for Electronic Signatures™ provides the solution.

Key Features

Process and sign multiple documents within a single electronic signature workflow
Merge multiple source documents into a single signed document
Add additional custom metadata on to signing page
Simplify the UI of signing steps for executives and other less frequent Content Suite users
Dynamically identify which documents within a workflow to convert / watermark / sign

Simultaneously sign multiple documents

Workflow designers can allow multiple attachments to any individual digital signing process, so that more than one document can be reviewed and signed simultaneously. In addition, any or all documents in a workflow can be converted to PDF, watermarked, and signed enabling your business process to be Automated with minimum effort.

Assemble and merge documents ready for signing

Using PowerTools for Electronic Signatures, documents can be automatically assembled and merged into a final document which itself can then be approved and signed. Once signing is complete, the original documents can either be left in their initial location or moved off into an archive or other area.

Powerful metadata stamps

PowerTools for Electronic Signatures allows the creation of customized signing pages that use a stylesheet and organization-specific meta-tags to enhance the content of the page and ensure it includes all the information you need in the format you want to see it.

A simplified signing experience

Through optional integration with GCI PowerTools for Workflow, your entire workflow interface can be readily optimized around each individual signing process. Workflow designers can quickly set up “DisplayViews” for signing steps, presenting only the pertinent documents and data, and providing signers with an easy-to-comprehend view.

The Essential Guide to Electronic Signatures

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