GCI PowerTools for Workflow

Does your business need to more tightly align your OpenText Content Suite workflows with existing business processes? Do you need to optimize approval workflows by removing redundant approval cycles or automatically escalating late or stalled steps? GCI PowerTools for Workflow is a comprehensive set of workflow extensions written by the people that created the original OpenText workflow engine.

Key Features

Display form data, workflow attributes, comments, attachments, and general workflow information, all on the same page
Simplify the presentation of workflow steps
Reduce the time required to complete workflow processes by eliminating redundant stages
Automate activities within the Content Suite repository through workflow logic
Ensure workflow users are aware of when they are required to participate
Simple to administer and upgrade, with no custom scripting required

Improving the usability of Content Suite workflows

By allowing users to initiate workflows directly from any item within Content Suite, GCI PowerTools for Workflow streamlines the process of starting workflows with attached files. To further streamline processes, PowerTools for Workflow also provides the facility auto-complete or bypass steps if a majority decision has already been reached, or escalate steps if they pass pre-defined deadlines or if certain criteria are met within the workflow.

Automate more of your repository activities

Automation is at the heart of GCI PowerTools for Workflow. It simplifies workflow development, providing an extensive set of tools for automating actions within Content Suite. These can be used to allow workflow processes to programmatically complete functions such as rename, copy, and delete. They can modify attribute and permission data, or create and update Content Suite user accounts all within an audited review process. Event triggers provide an additional automation mechanism, thus enabling actions to be performed based on actions happening within the Content Suite environment or the passing of time.

Automate more of your repository activities

Don’t you wish that email notifications provided you with more useful information? With GCI PowerTools for Workflow the creation and delivery of custom email notifications is now possible. Detailed, actionable email messages can be sent to workflow participants at configurable times within the workflow process. The message’s content can be personalized, ensuring that is includes all the information required for a workflow participant to fully understand the current state of the process and giving them direct, one-click access to the actions they are required to take.

Fortifying Content Suite Workflow, eSign & Reporting in Regulated Environments

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