Despite the move to digital, most companies within the oil and gas industry must keep a paper-trail of hundreds, if not thousands, of documents for compliance and contractual purposes. One such document is the Manufacturing Record Book (MRB). What is an MRB? An MRB is a collection of documentation that encompass every detail of a […]

In the early 2000s, there was widespread uncertainty and fear about the internet, cloud-based business practices, and unpredictable connectivity. You only have to look up the apparent horrors of the Y2k bug to get a sense of how people were struggling to come to terms with the new mode of business and technology. As you […]
A few years ago, the only thing you could store in a cloud was rain and the admin would need “Mother Nature” level privileges. Today, things are different. We all work with online storage clouds in some manner, whether it be in our personal lives, professional lives or both. Thus it’s hard to believe that […]
Global Cents will be at Enterprise World in full force this year, showcasing our latest products and solutions to help you streamline your controlled document lifecycle processes, solve your document automation needs, simplify your content migration tasks, deploy digital signatures across the enterprise, and enhance your Smart View user experience. Of course, with so much […]

With a complex solution like OpenText Content Suite that is constantly evolving, it’s hard to figure out which patches apply to which versions of Content Suite particularly when patches themselves can be optional, introduce new features, or address a customer-specific issue. Which Global Cents patches should you install? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a […]