Many people use digital transformation and digital transition interchangeably. However, this is simply incorrect as the two concepts have significant differences. Digital transition is the automation of existing processes, whereas digital transformation refers to more comprehensive changes, reengineering processes to take full advantage of new technology that takes more time to implement.  In our previous […]

Knowing when to start the process In this, the second in our series of posts on digital transition and digital transformation, we’re going to take a closer look at digital transition and what it means for your business. As a reminder, digital transformation is a combination of transformative digital technologies, tools, processes, and people – […]

Over the last few years, there has been much talk about digital transformation. But what exactly is it, and do you really need to worry about it? The process of complete digital transformation is often seen as highly disruptive and expensive. It can also present challenges that take time to resolve or are tough to […]

According to Forrester Research, the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021 as the cloud continues to “take center stage” to recover from the pandemic. The advantages of cloud computing are leading to many more companies integrating cloud services into their processes. Over 90% of companies are already on […]

When seeking to keep your business running efficiently, it can be an overwhelming task striving to remain ahead of the game. There are five consistent benchmarks that all successful companies adhere to and seek to improve in our experience. Keeping up with competitors, increasing your bottom line, and staying relevant in the market can all […]