Controlled Document Lifecycle Solution

GCI Controlled Document Lifecycle improves organizational and regulatory compliance, reducing operational costs by delivering workflows, reporting, permissions, document assembly, rendering, metadata, and other essential configurations needed for Content Suite. Redesigning and automating manual processes resulting in speeding the delivery of products and services.

Controlled lifecycles within OpenText Content Suite and xECM

Global Cents removes complexity and introduces rigor into controlled document processes by removing highly manual steps and automating common activities. Through clear interfaces and tailored workflows, we make it easier than ever for you to migrate and transform your current controlled document processes into an automated and organized solution integrated tightly into OpenText Content Suite.

Global Cents' controlled document lifecycle solutions enable you to:

  • configure your business process within a COTS Solution
  • define your document publishing rules for email notifications, escalations, and periodic review
  • tailor metadata definitions, controlled vocabulary lists, group names and process flows easily and quickly
  • minimize costs relating to delays and errors

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Four steps to successful management

The Global Cents' solution for controlled documents delivers the workflows, reporting, permissions, document assembly, rendering, metadata and other essential configurations that you need directly within the Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms. By leveraging the power of the proven and trusted GCI PowerTools Suite we enable you to manage your controlled documents in a secure and efficient manner.

We accomplish this through four simple yet effective stages:

New documents

New documents are created and added to the repository: the original, native document and the published PDF version. Documents are reviewed and approved before formal publication. Read-only access to the published PDF documents is granted to all CDL users by default.

Revise Workflow

Documents selected for revision have the document’s native file copied into the workflow. The native file is updated and reviewed within the workflow. When approved, a PDF of the native file is generated and electronically signed by the approvers. The signed PDF is added back as a version to the original document and the updated natives are added back as renditions of the new version.

Periodic Review

Documents often need to be kept updated, this involves a periodic review. This can be set to be annual, bi-annual, or tri-annual based on the document type. Outcomes of the periodic review are either no action (renewal) or one of two workflows, Revise or Retire.

The person designated to perform the periodic review first decides if the document needs to be updated or if it is a candidate for retirement. If the document is to be retired, then the Retire workflow is initiated. If the document requires revision, then the Revise workflow is initiated. If the document doesn’t need to be retired or revised, the periodic review date is reset.

Retire documents

The purpose of the retire process is to move documents and their renditions out of the general population of the document system and into an online archive where documents remain for audit purposes. Access to retired documents is limited to those requiring audit access.

Controlled Document Lifecycle Solution

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The complete solution from Global Cents

Whether your organization works within in energy, life sciences, finance or any other regulated environment, we ensure that you have the right tools for all your documentation activities. GCI PowerTools Suite provides solutions for highly controlled and regulated industries. Each PowerTool has been created to completely cover individual aspects of your business processes and each is customizable to enable pain-free transitions from your legacy processes.

GCI PowerTools for Documents

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