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"With GCI PowerTools, we were able to automate our regulatory document processing within Content Suite."
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"We were able to manipulate objects and tailor information presented to users within Content Suite workflows."
GCI PowerTools for Workflows
"We mirrored our existing signing process within Content Suite"
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Global Cents increases the delivery speed of products and services, improving regulatory compliance, and reducing operational costs

With our customers, we achieve these results by redesigning, optimizing, and automating business processes; minimizing regulatory compliance risks; eliminating manual errors, and reducing the time required to recognize revenue.

Increase throughput of complex document-centric processes

Consistent and auditable application of business processes

Increase cash for critical investments by reducing TCO and DSO

GCI PowerTools for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms

The GCI PowerTools Suite improves regulatory compliance and reduces the cost and time required to deliver products and services.

Trusted by leaders in heavily regulated and capital-intensive industries

GCI for Life Sciences

GCI for Life Sciences

GCI PowerTools improves your Controlled Document process by increasing automation, increasing compliance, and reducing operational expenses.
Through well-defined and automated processes, GCI PowerTools reduces manual effort and human errors, proactively mitigating compliance risks.

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GCI for Energy

GCI for Energy

GCI PowerTools reduces the operational costs and accelerates time taken to collect, process, and publish complex operations and contractual documentation.
By automating document assembly and business processes, GCI PowerTools cuts costs and expedites the time to collect and recognize revenue while improving auditing and reporting.

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GCI for Financial Services

GCI for Financial Services

GCI PowerTools increases the transactional throughput for complex applications, documentation, and improves customer satisfaction.
By providing structured capture processes, automated reviews, and redesigned business processes, GCI PowerTools reduces the time to deliver financial products and services.

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Global Cents empowers OpenText customers to thrive in a regulated world

Global Cents solutions are recognized by OpenText as best-of-breed technology that offers seamless integration with OpenText products and services.

OpenText Technology Partner for over 15 years

Founder Member of the OpenText Solex partner group

Respected experts in Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms

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