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“We mirrored our existing signing processes within Content Server”
You want to find out how we did it?
“We mirrored our existing signing processes within Content Server”
GCI PowerTools for Workflows
“We mirrored our existing signing processes within Content Server”
Want to know how to do that too?

GCI PowerTools for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms

Controlled Document Lifecycle, Document Automation, Digital Signatures, Content Migration, and SmartUI Solutions.
GCI PowerTools for Workflow
GCI PowerTools for Deployments
GCI PowerTools for Documents
GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views
GCI PowerTools for Digital Signatures
GCI PowerTools Viewer
GCI PowerTools for Content Export
GCI PowerTools for Electronic Signatures
GCI PowerTools for Archiving
GCI PowerTools for Infinote

Increase Automation, Accelerate User Adoption, & Improve ROI

Global Cents provides solution extensions that extend and enhance OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms.
GCI for Life Sciences

GCI for Life Sciences

The combination of GCI PowerTools and OpenText Content Suite enables Life Science companies to meet their complex regulated business challenges through configuration alone. By eliminating the need for proprietary development, new business processes can be efficiently designed and rolled out company-wide with significant time and cost savings.

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GCI for Energy

GCI for Energy

The increasingly regulated environment of the Energy sector poses serious challenges in managing offshore and onshore operations. Combining GCI PowerTools and OpenText Content Suite enables organizations to create full-featured document control processes and meet industry-specific regulatory requirements without compromising the efficiency of their business processes.

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GCI for Financial Services

GCI for Financial Services

By using GCI PowerTools, organizations operating within the Financial Services sector are able to streamline operations and enhance service delivery. GCI PowerTools with OpenText Content Suite will enable you to automate document processing, deliver regulated document workflows and reports, and migrate and archive content in a scalable manner.

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