GCI PowerTools for Infinote

Is your organization wasting months of manual effort in updating contracts, procedures, and other documents? Wouldn’t you want to be able to efficiently automate this process, while ensuring unprecedented accuracy? GCI PowerTools for Infinote enables you to effectively accomplish these tasks.

Key Features

Merge changes from multiple reviewers into a single document
Create new documents from boilerplate clauses
Access Content Suite document clauses directly from within MS Word
Locate documents containing specified clauses or phrases using intelligent content linking
Automatically generate change logs and audit trails
Intuitive access to Content Suite information through Infinote

Need to merge revisions in your controlled documents? Wouldn't it be nice to automate the merge process? Watch the webinar.

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Merge feedback from multiple reviewers & leverage unstructured content

Infinote enables multiple reviewers to independently comment on Word documents and merge several reviewer feedback into a single document. Additionally, Infinote allows you to leverage documents by using pre-approved content snippets with no need to copy text from other Content Suite files, thus ensuring that you are always using the latest agreed-to phrase or clause.

Document Merge & Review Demonstration

Analyze, update, & audit content enterprise-wide

With Infinote and PTI, you can quickly analyze the impact of any content change in Content Suite across thousands of documents. Once found, you can automatically apply changes to all affected clauses and phrases. Rather than relying on simple alerts, Infinote provides a map of changes to all effected documents, showing the impact in context. With a manual review complete, Infinote and PTI are able to automatically update all relevant Content Suite documents and generate a complete audit of all changes made.

Bring structure to unstructured content

Infinote’s powerful algorithms are able to identify related content regardless of the source or location, showing search results in context instead of purely as a list of documents that contain certain keywords. Additionally, instead of simply providing a list of documents, Infinote’s search results display actual clauses, paragraphs, and sections along with a detailed list of documents within which they are referenced.

Bringing Infinote’s powerful capabilities to OpenText Content Suite

With GCI PowerTools for Infinote, Infinote’s powerful capabilities are seamlessly integrated into and made accessible directly through Content Suite. Infinote functionality intuitively appears throughout the native Content Suite UI, and these functions can be embedded in Content Suite workflows to greatly increase the efficiency of managing the unstructured data in documents.