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GCI PowerTools for Digital Signatures

Digitally sign Content Suite documents

GCI PowerTools for Digital Signatures is the simplest and most comprehensive digital signatures solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms.

Just click and sign

Its intuitive interface enables any Content Suite user to digitally sign documents without leaving the OpenText environment. PowerTools for Digital Signatures simplifies the process of digitally signing a document to just a couple of clicks. View a document, select signatories, and click sign. It's that easy!

Sign documents in workflows

When used a part of a Content Suite workflow, signing processes can be developed that collect signatory information and then trigger signing steps. Once documents have been signed, they are automatically added back into the Content Suite repository.

View status of signatories

A signing audit trail relating to each document signatory is captured and maintained. It accompanies the document and is stored as metadata in Content Suite. In addition, a “My Signatures” report keeps track of the current signing status of all documents.

Collect DocuSign signatures

PowerTools for Digital Signatures is tightly integrated with DocuSign's cloud-based signing platform. It enables users to select documents directly from Content Suite repository and send them to be signed using DocuSign's platform.

Integrate with other standard signing services

PowerTools for Digital Signatures plug-in based architecture enables easy integration with leading 3rd party signing services such as GlobalSign, YubiKey, and more.

Digital signatures for regulated industries

PowerTools for Digital Signatures is designed with the needs of regulated industries at the forefront. GCI PowerTools signing solutions are used to sign files within life science, energy and financial services organizations and is deployed in validated / certified environments.

Get further information

If you need to digitally sign documents directly within Content Suite or Extended ECM's web interface then PowerTools for Digital Signatures is the most comprehensive digital signing solution available. For further details or a personalized demonstration contact Global Cents.

Introduction to PowerTools for Digital Signatures

Want to know more about PowerTools for Digital Signatures? Then watch the quick introduction video.

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