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We all work with online cloud storage in some manner, whether it be in our personal lives, professional lives or both.  A few years ago, the only thing you could store in a cloud was rain and the admin would need “Mother Nature” level privileges.  Thus it’s hard to believe that cloud storage options were […]

Global Cents patches are released continuously:  some address OpenText and Global Cents product shortcomings (bug fixes), some add new features, and some address customer specific needs.  With a complex solutions like OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms that are constantly evolving, it’s often challenging to figure out which patches from Global Cents apply to […]

It is a little known fact, but OpenText offers a limited read only license model for OpenText Content Suite users. The OpenText read only license is less expensive than the full use license, but it limits users to only viewing documents: … [read only users] may only search, save search parameters, browse, view, print and […]

Have you been thinking about adding digital signatures within your document-centric business processes? How about trying to determine which digital signature technology to select? And, once you’ve selected it, how do you plan to integrate it with the business processes that your OpenText technology supports? If so, keep reading as this blog post will help. […]

Today, Global Cents announced significant enhancements to their GCI PowerTools, including GCI PowerTools for Deployments, GCI PowerTools for Workflows, GCI PowerTools for Documents, GCI PowerTools Viewer, and more. Global Cents also introduced GCI PowerTools for Digital Signatures, a solution that allows OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM users to digitally sign documents using industry standard […]