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Each day, companies in the life sciences industry have to answer to regulatory authorities from around the world. Each product requires detailed, complex documents to authenticate and validate that the contents are safe for humans. The document requirements result in a tide of documents that a life sciences company has to push out with each […]
Get to market faster, better and error-free Document automation tools provide opportunities for energy and utility companies to improve their document creation processes and get to market faster by automatically organizing and compiling complex documentation, like MRBs. Solutions such as those offered by Global Cents are a game-changer for organizations, helping them improve their efficiency, […]
Gain an edge on the competition by automating your critical admin activities The financial services industry largely relies on document management. Every day, financial businesses and their clients collect and input data, create new documents, and review and sign off essential files. These processes can be long and tedious, and sometimes even result in errors […]

The larger an organization grows, the more information it accrues, and the more complex its systems become. This leads to the challenge that many OpenText users are facing – how to transport, or migrate, data from one system to another. Whether during application development, content sharing, or broader system migrations/upgrades, transferring information between environments can […]

Manufacturing Records Books - Overview Despite the move to digital, most companies within the oil and gas industry are expected to keep a paper-trail of hundreds, if not thousands, of documents for compliance or contractual purposes. From product designs, materials specifications and/or inspection reports to maintenance procedures, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and/or work instructions, each company […]