GCI PowerTools for Reports and Views

Does your management need business reports or dashboards containing data pulled from OpenText Content Suite and other sources? Do you need to create user friendly views on folders, workflow steps and other Content Suite objects? GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views provides the answer.

Key Features

Simultaneously query multiple tables and data sources
Readily display a mixed set of data together within a single report
Output raw data as industry standard XML files that can be processed for display using XSL stylesheets
Display as HTML, MS Office XML, and other common formats
Based on industry standards, no need to learn proprietary languages

Go beyond Content Suite LiveReports

GCI PowerTools for Reports & Views allows you to go beyond the capabilities of Content Suite LiveReports, creating and executing multiple queries within a single report. Using the data gathered from Content Suite's database tables and other external sources, interactive and meaningful reports and dashboards can be generated within a matter of minutes. With the ability to show all the data in a single report, PowerTools for Reports & Views allows end users to more readily spot trends and identify relationships between different data elements.

Built on industry standards

PowerTools for Reports & Views is built around the XML and XSL industry standards. Being commonly used markup languages, there is no need to take a proprietary training class to learn how to create new reports of user interface elements. XSL's powerful programming capabilities enable complete manipulation of the returned data, whilst common output formats such as HTML and MS Office XML ensure that the information can be readily displayed and viewed by any end-user.

Fortifying Content Suite Workflow, eSign & Reporting in Regulated Environments

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