GCI Power Tools for Deployments

Do you need to transfer objects between your OpenText Content Server environments in a safe, efficient, and error-free manner? Do you need to move items from one version of Content Server to another? And would you like to do all this using a simple, web-based UI with no need to create complex migration scripts?

Key Features

Extract objects in their entirety and re-import them into the original system
Transfer and migrate the widest selection of Content Server object-types
Copy workflow maps, forms, form templates, and WebReports between instances whilst ensuring that that all workflow step performer, form, category, object, relationships, and attachment links are maintained
Export and send problematic objects to a dedicated support environment where object structures can be easily recreated and safely tested in isolation
Live Link Migration through a web interface

Powerful, yet simple, object export and import

GCI Power Tools for Deployments solves your transport challenges by extracting and packaging selected content structures into a set of XML archives. These can be moved to a new environment and re-imported to recreate the entire structure in the new Content Server instance within minutes.

Being designed exclusively for Content Server, Power Tools for Deployments ensures that objects are imported in the correct order, with dependent objects being created first. Power Tools for Deployments also provides an option to maintain object audit trails and permissions between Content Server instances.

Migrate workflow maps, forms and templates from one Content Server instance to another

As well as basic item transfers, Power Tools for Deployments is also able to handle more complex objects such as forms and form templates. These can be exported and re-imported maintaining not only the form and template relationships, but also any underlying database tables and data.

Power Tools for Deployments also solves the problem of moving workflow maps from one system to another. Maps are updated during import and all form, category, performer, WebReport, and attachment relationships are updated and maintained.

Test and troubleshoot problematic Content Server objects in safety

Power Tools for Deployments also facilitates the process of testing and troubleshooting problematic objects within Content. Problem objects can now be exported and readily transported to a dedicated technical support environment where they can be easily recreated and tested in isolation.

GCI Power Tools for Deployments is the most robust, mature, and comprehensive solution available for managing the transfer of content between your Content Server instances.

Feature and Item Type comparison between OpenText Transport and GCI Power Tools for Deployments

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