GCI Power Tools for Energy Organizations

Used as part of certified OpenText Content Server environments worldwide, the GCI Power Tools Suite is a proven and tested solution within Energy organizations.

The increasingly regulated environment of the Energy sector poses serious challenges in managing offshore and onshore operations. Combining GCI Power Tools and OpenText Content Server enables organizations to create full-featured document control processes and meet industry-specific regulatory requirements without compromising the efficiency of their business processes.

Managing Regulated Documents

GCI Power Tools enable the configuration of workflows that automate large parts of the regulated document management process. By using GCI Power Tools for Workflow, Energy companies have been able to optimize their business processes and remove redundancy within existing workflows. Power Tools for Workflow has enhanced their workflow designs, introducing time-saving elements such as escalations, auto-completion, enhanced delegation, and informational notification emails.

Controlling the Document Process

With GCI Power Tools, Energy companies are able to support production automation, flow, sharing and digital signing of documents of all types, including technical, marketing, commercial and legal, all within the regulated Content Server environment. With Power Tools for Documents, Energy companies can merge documents of several formats, build standardized content, authorize them to flow into your extended enterprise, and associate them with business workflows. Via this process Energy companies are combining the integration of Content Server metadata into Word or PDF documents, merging mixed-formats documents, applying conditional & unconditional watermarks, converting documents from one format to another, and digitally signing Word or PDF documents with a choice of third-party digital signature products.

Optimizing Regulatory and Management Reporting

Many Energy organizations use GCI Power Tools for Reports & Views to create reporting dashboards to support regulatory and management functions. These provide staff, management, and regulatory authorities with visibility into the status and history of regulated processes. Links within the dashboards provide their users with direct access to workflows, their attachments and audit history. Using Power Tools for Reports & Views users have also been able to incorporate multiple data sources; providing insights into processes right across their business.

Migrating from Development, to QA, to Production

Using GCI Power Tools for Deployments, Energy companies have been able to establish simple and highly automated methods for moving Content Server content and applications from Development, to QA, and then to their Production environments. The migration processes typically include objects such as workflow maps and reports, as well as content like documents and forms. By using a reliable, automated process powered by Power Tools, these companies have been able to substantially reduce the time taken to implement changes from days to a matter of hours.

Archiving Information Out of the System

GCI Power Tools for Archiving has provided Energy companies with a way to safely archive completed workflows and audit events. Using Power Tools, historical information is safely extracted, optimized and placed back into the repository in an unmodifiable format. Once archived, Content Server’s records management tools are used to apply corporate disposition policies that ensure potential legal liabilities are eliminated while remaining in compliance.

GCI Power Tools for Energy

Whether improving business processes, simplifying user experience, or reducing exposure to legal liabilities, the Power Tools Suite is the only out-of-the-box solution purpose-built for the Energy industry.