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Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is an Agile-based methodology that has been around for some years now. Many organizations have been using processes like this within their core product development programs for a while, but we are now also starting to see the emergence of CI/CD within the development and deployment of in-house OpenText Content […]

OpenText Content Server is a fantastic ECM platform - it provides the foundational repository and information governance backbone for a broad range of business applications. But every powerful platform needs enhancements to deliver certain business processes in an optimal fashion. In a recent meeting with a client, I was asked for advice on how to […]

The digitization of the workplace is changing the traditional way of signing documents. OpenText and other ECM vendors now offer solutions that enable organizations to achieve the same level of authenticity inherent in traditional wet signatures, but to truly integrate this into your existing business process you often need a little additional support.

For the past quarter, Global Cents team has spent significant effort updating and enhancing our product portfolio paving the road for the forthcoming Content Server 16 release later this spring. During this period, the following GCI products were updated to be compatible with the latest patch release for Content Server 10.0.0 and 10.5 SP1: GCI […]

Global Cents 2015: A Year in review, and what to expect in 2016 Throughout 2015 Global Cents team remained committed to staying up to date with the latest releases from OpenText and continue to to extend and enhance our product portfolio by adding additional features and functionality requested by you, our customers, as well as […]